Monday, December 6, 2010

NASA JPL Video Feed

Curiosity Rover LIVE!


NASA JPL is broadcasting Live coverage of construction of the next rover to be sent on Mars. The Rover is officially named 'Mars Science Laboratory' but a competition was held to give the rover a proper and a little cooler name. A twelve year old girl Clara Ma won the competition and named it curiosity. So now the rover is named 'Curiosity', a pretty decent name if you ask me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Phew!! Phet now that wasn't phat..

Today I'm truly humbled. Humbled by the fact that i have witnessed and felt the weakness of our so-called technologically advanced world. Last week when the MET office announced that the cyclone phet was on its course straight for Karachi and the threat of a category 5 cyclone was imminent, I immediately started making contingency plans for such an event if the storm struck Karachi. I figured that in case of a storm; the possibility of a flood could not be overruled; hence I planned on filling my ready-to-eat food supply and store as much water as possible.

The prediction was a devastation measuring up to the havoc caused by the hurricane Katrina in the Atlantic,the likes of which have rarely been seen in this part of the world. But the reaction I showed was not shared by many I noticed. It seemed people didn't have the capacity to associate the name katrina with anything else than Katrina kaif. They seemed pretty calm to me, until Tuesday when the TV channels started shouting out about the cyclone and the masses as well as the government seemed to wake from their eternal sleep momentarily. The authorities were put on high alert, the navy divers and helicopters were called upon. Everyone in the country it seemed was now waiting for the moment Phet would strike. But in spite of all the arrangements, Pakistan was prepared for a massive damage. Smses were circulating around calling upon to pray and ask for Allah forgiveness. The supreme head of the Ahmadiyya Community also called for special prayers in tahajjud for Karachi.

The panic was felt in the air of Karachi until the day the news came in that the storm had slowed down and weakened to category-one. The storm did not even touch Karachi's beaches and was 70km far when the outer circle of the storm hit the land near badin. Although a lot of damage was done in badin and thatta areas, but the major devastation that was expected never came by the grace of Allah.
People expected the worst but Allah once again displayed His graciousness and reminded us that without Him we can never survive in this deadly and dangerous world. May God always bestow upon us His eternal blessings. Ameen.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Today this news somewhat surprised me: "ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik Friday said provinces have been instructed to not to allow banned outfits to hold protests."

I was listening to the news on FM radio when the news anchor read out this piece of information. I couldn't help but shout out my annoyance. I thought "what!!! these terrorist groups are supposed to be banned. How can they protest when they are banned in the first place!!"

How come these banned groups can stage their gatherings in Pakistan when they are not even supposed to exist. These banned groups have never been anything but a nuisance for Pakistan and they were banned for a reason. Its been years since they were banned and uptil now Pakistan governement has allowed them to hold gathering for protests?! This puts a big question mark on the will of our government to eradicate this nuisance.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Downfall of Euro?

Euro has been on a bearish trend for the last 4 months. I think everybody knows that.. But today I read a news article that in my opinion would be another blow to Euro's standing in the forex market. Greece has announced that if Europe doesn't find a way to help Greece's bankrupt economy it might resort to an IMF loan. Now if Greece does that, it would affect Euro's credibility. France is against this move but Germany apparently doesn't seem to mind the idea of a loan from IMF.

Now in my opinion the loan from IMF would be a bad idea for EURO and if Greece manages to land itself in IMF's complicated loan terms, Europe will have no option but to disown Greece of its membership with the European union in order to survive as world leader.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Check out this Ufone viral add. Its an awesome attack on zong.

But the funnier thing is zong's reply.

Lolz.. I love these kind of corporate wars…